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Shawganic's founder, Martina Shaw, is originally from Austria, married into a Hong Kong family and has lived in Hong Kong since 1989. A lawyer and banker by training, it was while raising her three children that she started to look closer at the quality and origin of produce available in Hong Kong. In 1994, at a time when few people in Hong Kong knew the meaning of organic farming and sustainable living, she began to import organically grown produce from Australia, followed by organic dairy products from Switzerland and later expanding the range with non-food products, especially environmentally friendly toxin-free household and personal care products through her trading company Shawganic.

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certified Organic Produce

We have distributed certified organic fruit and vegetables from Australia to a group of families in Hong Kong for twenty-four years. It is a "box scheme" which means everyone takes an equal share of everything that arrives that day. We order from a well established wholesaler in Sydney, who deals exclusively in certified organic produce. All produce is NASAA, Demeter, ACO or OFC certified. These are Australia’s most trusted organic certification bodies.

Shipments arrive by air every second Wednesday, get picked up by us from the airport immediately and are sorted and distributed to the participating families the same morning.

One share consists of at least 16 different varieties, half fruit, half vegetable, whatever is in season at any one time. Each share costs $990 incl. home delivery (please enquire about delivery route). Families receive a share every second week as a standing order which can be cancelled or suspended at any time with one week notice.

One-off trial shares are available

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